The inspiration for the design is taken from science

There are details that are hidden within the design. And my idea is that only the ones who know the science will actually notice and understand these details and structures.
The jewellery is free from nickel and made in silver (925), casted and polished by hand. So there may be small differences between different pieces.


ATCG DNA BraceletThe ATCG DNA Bracelet

The DNA bracelet is build up according to the molecular structure of DNA. The four bases A, T, C, G are stamped in black and joined with hydrogen bonds, phosphate and ribose.






Necklace with ATCG pendantNecklace with ATCG pendant

The bases adenine (A) tymine (T), guanine (G) and cytosine (C) are stamped. The hydrogen bonds are stamped as lines. When the pendant spins you can see that there are two lines between A and T, and three lines between C and G.






Necklace with X chromosomeThe Medallion necklace

The medallion with two X chromosomes is the first sketch that was made and the first piece that was produced. The medallion comes in three sizes and is found in several of the company’s profile products. There is only one original medallion and it weighs almost 50 grams.