Jewellery by ARV Swedish Design is inspired by science

Jewellery by ARV Swedish Design is inspired by science. Each piece is made from materials such as silver, steel and leather and is handcrafted. This is an exclusive and beautiful design which fits someone who appreciates something unique, and enjoys that each piece has a meaning.

I started ARV Swedish Design as my company in 2008. At that time I was doing my first post doc. I have been in the world of science, both in the academic and industrial world for more than 15 years. And I still really love it. The initial thought of designing jewellery inspired by science came to me when I was doing my PhD in medical genetics at Karolinska Institute, in Sweden. But it took a few years to actually convert the idea into something real. I am not a silversmith, I am a geneticist. So I am lucky to work closely with a professional silversmith who helps me to materialize my thoughts and ideas to beautiful jewellery of the highest quality. The name ARV comes from the Swedish word, arv, which means heritage. Each piece has “ARV” stamped on it as a signum.

Over the last few years I am fortunate to have been invited to exhibit my jewellery at several different meetings and symposia. I have also been commissioned to design the Mendel Lecture Prize for European Society of Human Genetics (ESHG), an award bestowed by the ESHG, and the LabTech award for Labtech magazine. I am extremely proud of this work and I consider it a great honour. I have also worked with some of the most successful scientific companies who want to create something that symbolizes their science and focus. Today you can buy my jewellery through my webshop on this site, and read more about the science behind the designs. I collaborate closely with my alma mater; hence the jewellery can also be purchased through the Karolinska Institutet webshop.

I would like to invite you into the world of science and art and to see which piece of jewellery you like most. But also, I would like to hear your comments and ideas. It’s amazing how many scientists have a creative side!


Alicia Bergsten
Ph.D and designer